CCS Accepted as a New River Valley Green Business

by Barb Wert

CCS-Inc. is pleased to announce its membership in the New River Valley’s Green Business Program, go green NRV. Established in 2008, go green NRV “encourages local businesses to progressively implemgogreennrv1.jpgent sustainable practices that are feasible for each organization's business plan in order to make a difference in the New River Valley environment."

CCS has organized long-standing programs for recycling and energy conservation in both its office and operations practices. Additionally, in order to reuse excess cardboard, the company makes much of its own packaging materials by means of a cardboard shredder. Many of CCS’ suppliers also employ extensive sustainable practices, most notably in providing products manufactured to use less materials and energy.

In order to research new initiatives and provide awareness and education to staff in the area of sustainable business practices, a group of CCS employees have recently formed the Green Team. In addition to spearheading the implementation of new environmentally-friendly programs, the Green Team receives suggestions from staff members and researches costs and logistics associated with each to assess implementation feasibility. Monthly “Tips for Working and Living Green” are electronically distributed, and a Sharepoint site houses links to local and government “green” services and other helpful online tools and information. A company garden and compost program are also underway.

Barb Wert

Barb WertCompliance Engineer

Barb joined the CCS/FoxGuard team in 2011, and is now a member of the Regulatory Compliance Team. She is responsible for Bill of Material reviews and maintains FoxGuard’s regulatory compliance documentation database. Barb is passionate about the environment, enjoys spending time with family, and learning about nutrition.


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